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Dostoevsky Omsk State University invites you to participate in our Summer Schools of Siberian Culture Studies and Russian Language!

We are located in the heart of Siberia, so the climate here is warm during the summer. OmSU offers a programme both for those who would like to start learning Russian and for those who wish to improve their skills. Classes are held in small groups based on the Russian language competences. Upon successful completion of the programme you will get the Siberian Culture Studies Certificate.

You will have 3 lessons a day. The morning is divided into two lessons. The first one focuses on reading, writing skills and key grammar. After the short break you will focus on improving your oral skills using role-play, debate and project work. During the afternoon lesson you will learn about Russian culture, history and your surroundings in Omsk and the cultural places you will visit during your stay.
We've built a great social and cultural programme for you to help you gain a valuable overview of Siberian culture based on local heritage. We want to show you the wide diversity of Russia's culture so you will have a chance to visit museums, historical sights and attend lectures and a wide range of social events. There are also full day Saturday tours to places of historical interest or to towns and villages with cultural background.   
The staff is available throughout the full day as we realize how important it is to have careful people and their help in a foreign city.

OmSU offers a high level of support to our international students. All our activities and excursions are accompanied by OmSU volunteers.

     Full Day Saturday Tours:

• Bolsherechye 

• Azovo region    

•The Ebeyty Salt Lake

• Horseback Riding

• Achairskiy Monastery of the Cross

• Ostrich farm

     Afternoon Cultural Visits:

• Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts 

• Dostoevsky Literary State Museum

• Local History Museum 

• Omsk Fortress 

• Omsk Drama Theatre • River Cruise

• Victory Park

     Activities Available:

• Football 

• Basketball 

• Volleyball 

• Table-Tennis 

• Movies 

• Indoor swimming pool and gym

 (on campus)

 Course Fee:
45,000 RUB for the school in July
30,000 RUB for the school in August

Fees include*:

·Initial Grading test on arrival
·Russian Language and Siberian Culture training 
·Course materials
·Certificate by course completion 
·Residential accommodation
·Daytime programme of sports, activities and local visits*
·Evening activities
·Full-day weekend excursions (accompanying)* 
·Airport arrival and departure transfers

*Please Note: meals and excursion entrance fees are not included. 

The amount of money needed to cover meal expenses: approx. 700 RUB/day.

Excursion entrance fees: approx. 200-400 RUB

Full day tours fees: approx. 700-1500 RUB

      Deadline for applications:

Depends on the school

Required Application Documents:

Application form
- Copy of the information page in the International Passport

For additional information, please contact:

International Relations Office
Dostoevsky Omsk State University
Prospekt Mira, 55/2
office 221, 224
644077 Omsk, Russia

Tel./fax: +7(3812)22-40-10

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