July and August 2018
Омский государственный университет
им. Ф.М. Достоевского
+7 (3812) 22-97-72 (приемная комиссия)
644077 г. Омск пр. Мира, 55
Dostoevsky Omsk State University organized two Summer Schools of Russian Language and Culture in July and in August. 

We hosted participants from USA, Slovenia, Serbia, China, France, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

The willingness to learn the Russian language and have the opportunity to delve into Russian traditional culture is shown by the fact that many students keep coming back to Omsk and have partcipated in our program twice, thrice and even four times. 

Participants were introduced to Russian culture and society through a tailored course of academic tuition, educational trips and excursions to the nearby picturesque and historic places, as well as by visiting museums and galleries.

Summer school of Russian language and culture July 2018

Summer school of Russian language and culture August 2018