Instructions for Authors
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Instruction for authors

Publication requirements: topicality, high scientific level, good style of presentation, without long introductions and repetitions.
Article amount – up to 1 quire
The article
The text is typed in Microsoft Word. Page format – A4, margins – 2.5 cm on all sides, font – Times New Roman, font size – 11 points, line spacing – single, paragraph indent – 1.0 cm In the upper left corner of the worksheet is UDC.
Further, in English, initials and surname of the author, the line below the center of the capital letters in bold (W) – the title of the article. Below a line fit summary (3-5 sentences, clause 10), revealing the main content of the article, and key words or phrases that are separated from each other by a semicolon (5-7 words).
Below a line in English – the initials and surname of the author; the title of the article (uppercase (W), centered); abstract (3-5 sentences, 10.); key words or phrases (5-7 words are separated from each other by semicolons).
After the row put the main text of the article. At the end of the article in italics is a brief the title of the article to footer.
Attached is information about the author in Russian and English: surname, name and patronymic, academic degree and title, position, full name, full work address (including postcode), e-mail, number, office, home or mobile phone.
Abbreviations of words are not allowed, except generally accepted. Abbreviations are included in the text only after their first mention, decoding (for example, criminal code of the Russian Federation – CC RF).
Figures should be clear, photo – contrast. All illustrations should to have continuous numbering, captions. It is not recommended to clutter the illustration with unnecessary details: the majority of inscriptions made in the signature, and the figure is replaced by numbers or letters. The caption should be concise, but succinct content (p. 10).
Tables should be clear and have a name, a sequence number. The headers must exactly match the content of the graph. All the data inside tables – 10 PT, the head of the table is highlighted in bold.
The size of figures and tables – no more than 80×80 mm (one column), 170×170 mm (two columns) at the beginning or end of the strip. Do not number the table or figure, if they are text only. All tables and figures should be referenced in the text. Figures and tables inserted in the text at the right place.
Citations are issued by numerals in square brackets (e.g. [1]) and are found at the end of the article in the references section, in the order of their mentioning in the text. All bibliographic data should be carefully checked.
Notes are issued numbers in the form of the top index and must be numbered sequentially. The notes refer to the end of the article in the NOTES section and numbered number in the upper index. Footnotes footnotes in the text are not allowed.
If the article has and NOTES, and LITERATURE, the first is section NOTES.
The right papers will greatly facilitate the work of editors and accelerate publication of your material.