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General information
General provisions
The journal " Gerald of Omsk University. Series "Historical studies" has been published since 2014.
Periodicity – 4 times a year. Co-founder series – Omsk state pedagogical University.
Articles are accepted in the following areas:
World history.
Russian history.
Ethnology, еthnography, archaeology, ancient history.
Museology, local history.
Archaeography and the dokumentology.
Historiography of world and Russian history.
Political science and international relations.
Historical archives (publication of documents).
The scientific life.

For publication in the journal accept scientific articles, reports of conferences, memory dates, the dissertation tips, reviews, congratulations.
Review. Each article undergoes an obligatory review by a specialist of that branch of knowledge which is proposed. The editors send the materials for review on their own. The reviewers are doctors and candidates of Sciences from leading research centers and universities of Russia.
Manuscripts are subjected to editorial treatment, if necessary, a separate observations by the editor are in agreement with the authors. Articles are not designed in accordance with these requirements, be accepted for publication will not be.
Contributions should be sent to the Dean of historical faculty of Omsk State University (mark "Article in "Historical science"") or S. P. Bychkov Materials are available in printed and electronic form.