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Student TestimonialsMaster’s Degree at Dostoevsky Omsk State University

Applied Theoretical Physics

Stepan Chemeris

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Why did you decide to enter the Master’s degree?

The decision to enter the Master`s degree was made deliberately as while being the third-year student at the Bachelor`s degree I singled out three reasons for myself to continue the studies.

I would like to start with the fact that I was very lucky with my supervisor - this person taught me a lot and awoke a real interest in research. It turned out that within the graduate qualification work, not everything that was initially planned was managed to be done.

Secondly, it is the knowledge that makes a person a specialist, and develops technical thinking, and shows different approaches to science. This is a sphere of activity where you can realize your potential as you like.

And finally, Master`s degree is something that you should be grateful to the state for. I believe that the opportunity to get a higher education should not be missed for no reason. I would like to mention that this is also convenient as classes take place outside working hours, and remote access to computers is only beneficial.

Why did you choose the Master`s degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics?

Why did I choose the Master's program in this field? It would be ridiculous and stupid to refuse all the advantages provided by the Chair of Theoretical Physics. The academic staff here is not just a group of people doing their work, but a team of real specialists who are interested in making specialists from their students. The necessary knowledge today is rare and the Master's program is the place where this knowledge is generously shared. I can also mention that my main job now is directly related to my field of study. Therefore, it seems good to me to continue developing while applying something new at the same time. Indeed, entering the Master`s degree in “Applied Theoretical Physics” has allowed me to continue my research activities.

What skills do you gain from the Master`s degree? Which of them do you find useful?

Despite the fact that in today`s world a person who can provide a wide range of services has more opportunities, narrow area of expertise has its equally significant advantages: it is the ability to find information and work with articles, carry out modeling of various systems, process and analyze data, get results and draw conclusions that exceed the desired goals. I can also say that it was over the past year and a half that I have got out of a range of bad habits that interfere with productive activities.

How do you see yourself after finishing the Master`s degree?

Despite the assistance of the Chair in finding employment, in the near future I see myself as a military man. And a year later - a graduate who did not study for nothing and a person who can bring something new to this world. Only clearly defined goals, knowledge and new ideas inspire and feed. Thus, it's obvious that I will not die of hunger. Anyway, I don`t plan. Joking aside, in conclusion I would like to turn to the person watching this video now. Dear friend, it is Master`s degree that is your sustainable future. Don`t miss your chance!

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