Student Testimonials
Student TestimonialsMaster’s Degree at Dostoevsky Omsk State University

Applied Theoretical Physics

Igor Saifutdinov

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Why did you decide to enter the Master’s degree?

We are engaged in such areas as computational physics, magnetic phenomena, spin systems, and many other scientific fields. In particular, we make programs, develop and launch them, conduct research, and from a huge number of graphs and data we get quite interesting qualitative and quantitative results.

Why did you choose the Master`s degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics?

In this field there are three disciplines at once, large extensive topics. This is programming that fits pretty well into the other two - mathematics and physics. Without mathematics it is impossible to design complex physical models, calculate and get any interesting qualitative and quantitative results. Calculations, namely calculations using programs, allow us to do it without equipment, at home, for example, or at a country house. It is the applied field that helps us achieve great results in such important issues for humankind as medicine and the study of the Earth.

What skills do you gain from the Master`s degree? Which of them do you find useful?

I would say the public speaking really helps. Speaking in front of the chair, defense of the thesis - it allows me to better express and prove my point of view, my scientific research and to better communicate with people as well as achieve the goal in getting a certain scientific grant or promoting a certain idea. And a more technical skill is programming. Thanks to this, I was able to find a job in the development department.

How do you see yourself after finishing the Master`s degree?

After getting the Master`s degree, I would like to continue my development career as well as enter a postgraduate program because I want to make progress in science as a researcher, I want to study and promote the material that we have now in order to discover something new or learn something old, enrich the knowledge that we have now and for other researchers to cooperate, for example, in some big scientific groups, and deal with some really serious problem. Certainly I would like that someday my research will produce really important applied results. At Master`s degree, the education will be much more complete because only in the final years of study you start to study disciplines really connected with our scientific fields. At Master`s degree, they are entirely directed at this, they are much deeper and closer to current research, thus, it is at Master`s level that we get the knowledge that will help us directly and, probably, somehow change the direction of our studies in terms of quality. In a different way or area.

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