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Student TestimonialsMaster’s Degree at Dostoevsky Omsk State University

Applied Theoretical Physics

Dmitriy Evsin

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Why did you decide to enter the Master’s degree?

Why did I decide to enter the Master’s degree? Having completed the Bachelor`s degree, it was interesting for me to continue doing the research that I have started during the Bachelor`s degree. I was interested in my work - this is a computer modeling of helimagnetic structures with the Dzyaloshinskii–Moriya interaction. In my graduation thesis I used some methods for modeling but at the Master`s degree that is possible to do it differently, get better quality results, thus, it was interesting for me to continue the research so that it can be complete, more interesting and multidisciplinary.

Why did you choose the Master`s degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics?

Well, yes, I chose the Master`s program in “Applied Mathematics and Physics” as I graduated fr om the Bachelor`s degree and I was interested in delving into those fields of science of human knowledge and further develop what has already been accumulated during the Bachelor's degree. Back in school, I liked such a science like Physics. It generally describes our whole nature; sometimes it seems that all sciences (natural sciences) are somehow a continuation of Physics, that is, such a fundamental science. And why exactly Applied Mathematics - because today`s world is tied with IT sphere, namely the combination of Applied Mathematics and Physics is exactly the field wh ere the IT field and the field of scientific knowledge of Physics collide and are directly connected with each other.

What skills do you gain from the Master`s degree? Which of them do you find useful?

In my case the situation is the following: being the second-year Master's degree student, I have been working at the same time as a laboratory technician at the laboratory of parallel high-performance computing. For me, such a small but very pleasant benefit is that I study and work in one place. I’m actually interested in people with whom I studied at Bachelor`s level - my fellow students, to continue our communication. Besides, my communication now is not only personal, but also professional as when your fellow student is a laboratory assistant, it can really help someone, someone can call me, write me, and solve some problem. I am interested in being a professor’s colleague in fact at 24. Even at 23 years old. As smart people say, if you want to become smart, surround yourself with smart people, and you will slowly grow too. Solving someone’s problems, I improve my skills and knowledge in Physics, IT and just in communicating with people.

How do you see yourself after finishing the Master`s degree?

I have a lot of great choices now, one of which, quite curious and interesting, is to develop in the scientific sphere, that is, after Master`s degree, to enter a postgraduate program. Using the example of my senior colleagues, I see that they do interesting and useful things, often participate at conferences, exchange the experience and to some extent I'm even a little bit envious of them. Their busy life, and it is precisely while communicating with them I understand that they are very smart and interesting people with whom you can talk on very different topics. Both within the profession itself and on topics related to ordinary life. One of the ideal options that I would see is to finish postgraduate studies, get interesting results for the scientific community, defend the candidate thesis on these results and to become a Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences and at the same time work in some big IT company. Try to do the best from what you have and have fun at the same time.

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