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Applied Theoretical Physics

Sergey Klimov

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Hi everybody!

My name is Sergey. I gained a Master's degree in Applied and Theoretical Physics in 2008 at Dostoevsky Omsk State University, and after that I got a postgraduate degree of Candidate of Physics and Mathematics. My career turned out to be connected with IT-sphere in banking. During all these years I've solved a number of tasks – from with technical support to system administration, dealt with information security and even got an experience in bank acquiring. At the moment I'm a DevOps engineer.

It's clear that after graduation I wasn't a specialist in any of the mentioned spheres. However, the skills gained during studying, such as system thinking, ability to analyze and search for the answers, presentation of the results and grounding of your point of view – have helped me very much in mastering new spheres. With all the diversity of my activity I was aware that the basis for my success has been formed at the University.

When telling my story, I have to mention one question that people often ask me: “Why haven't you become a scientist with your education?” And I have to admit, that this activity appears to be one of the lost opportunities in my life. Because with Master's degree you have a good chance to show yourself in science.

I would like to wish all of you good luck in studying at the Faculty of Physics!

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