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Applied Theoretical Physics

Nikolay Morozov

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Hi everyone,
my name is Nikolay and I graduated from Omsk State University in 2007 and obtained a master's degree in Theoretical Math and Physics.

After that, I have been working as a software developer in different Russian and US companies, specializing in Java stack and now I'm a technical director of IT company.

During my master’s program, I got a solid background in preparation for my Ph.D. paper, narrowed down my focus in scientific researches, was able to drill down into many IT subjects which gave me a good start in IT career and I was able to sharpen some of my soft skills as well able to present my work, handle a lot of information from different sources, collaboration with other people, be responsible for the results and so on. Plus, we had a wonderful and fun time living in student campus and these relationships and networking are still alive.

Also, we had a very strong teaching staff and I was meeting with my scientific supervisor several times per week and we were discussing and polishing every tiny number in my researches. That helped me a lot when it came to publishing my results and present my graduate paper because I was 100% sure that we did a solid job and took into account almost everything.

Another big advantage of learning on the master course is the ability to work and gather the experience internationally - physics, maths and IT are global subjects so you can not only learn to be home but participate in different international conferences, publishing your results in foreign magazines, applying to the vacancies and so on - there are no limits here and all depends on your activity and curiosity.

I wish you good luck and hope you will enjoy your time studying on the master program.

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