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Success StoriesMaster’s Degree at Dostoevsky Omsk State University

Applied Theoretical Physics

Maria Shlyakhtich

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Good afternoon! My name is Maria.

I graduated from Omsk State University in 2010 and received my Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics.

Then I worked at universities in Omsk such as the University of Agriculture and Omsk State University. At the moment I work at the Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk. I have been teaching theoretical physics, as well as mathematical physics.

During the master’s programme, there were many courses on programming and information technology in addition to the basic courses in theoretical physics. This skill is important to me because my scientific activity is related to computer modelling. This knowledge allowed us to carry out calculations of the tasks not only at home on our computers, but using the capacities of Russian supercomputers, for example, Lomonosov, Chebyshev.

It is worth noting that the programme offers a good quality English course. After this course my level has grown a lot. This made it easy to read and understand articles in English-language journals. After all, the most relevant and advanced discoveries are published in such journals.

The scientific seminars happened to be very important for my professional activity as well. There we learned to present the results of our work properly, learned to speak in public.

All professors of the Chair are interested in the success of their Master’s degree students. Moreover, they are all high-level specialists. I had consultations with my supervisor several times a week, we discussed the results and brought to perfection every part of the master’s thesis. In the future, I successfully defended my Candidate’s dissertation under his supervision, and received a degree of Candidate of Physics and Mathematics.

All the knowledge and skills obtained during master’s programme were a good start for my professional activity. All this allowed me to take part in Russian scientific conferences as well as international ones in order to present my scientific results to a high standard and publish them in leading Russian and foreign journals in physics.

Let’s not forget about vigorous extracurricular activities that I had throughout my studies. It was very interesting to study here. We formed a friendly team of classmates. We constantly organize meetings, although many have settled all over the world.

I wish you good luck and I hope that you, as well as I, will enjoy studying at the master’s programme.

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