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Applied Theoretical Physics

Ivan Popov

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Hi everyone.

My name is Ivan. I graduated from the master's program and received a master's degree in applied mathematics and physics at the Department of Theoretical Physics of Omsk State University in 2013.

After that, I worked as a researcher in scientific projects. At the moment, I have a Ph.D. in physics and mathematics, I am involved in research and project scientific lead, as well as in teaching.

In the process of studying the master's program, I received good fundamental and applied knowledge and skills in physics, mathematics and software development, which helped to start a scientific career. A significant part of the Ph.D. thesis was done during studies in the master's program. The qualifications obtained made it possible to take part in many scientific projects: in the areas of phase transitions and critical phenomena in condensed matter physics; computational fluid dynamics and gas dynamics; in software development for high-performance parallel and hybrid computing systems.

We were trained by highly qualified teaching staff, which is involved in solving modern scientific problems. Scientific work was carried out with a scientific supervisor, meetings with which were held several times a week, which allowed to obtain good scientific results.

An important advantage of training in the master's program "Applied Mathematics and Physics" is the ability to work and collect experience at the international level - physics, mathematics, computer science and information technology are global subjects. Therefore, you can take part at international scientific conferences, publish scientific articles in foreign journals, apply for vacancies in international companies and much more; there are no restrictions for this, it all depends on your hard work and activity.

I wish you good luck and hope that you will enjoy studying in the master's program "Applied Mathematics and Physics" at the Department of Theoretical Physics, Omsk State University.

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