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Alex Povar

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Hi, my name is Alex Povar. I've graduated fr om Omsk State University in 2013 with a Master's Degree in Theoretical Math and Physics.

At the moment I've already spent about 10 years in IT industry. As a software development leader, I've took part in launching two successful startups to the markets of the US, Singapore, and the UK.

Being on technical leadership positions is not only a huge opportunity but also even greater responsibility. For the team you leading, for technical decisions you make, for consequences it brings to the business.

This is wh ere a solid foundation of fundamental science come to the play. Understanding core physics and being good in math mean having an ability of easy navigation through most of the bleeding edge IT concepts and technologies. Having great experience in working with scientific papers means that one could quite fast deal with a huge variety of concepts - everything from databases and fancy programming languages to blockchain, machine learning, and quantum computing.

What even more matters is that most of the professors are encouraging new beginnings and approaches, which is a win-win situation for both students and university. It gives a good opportunity for performing interdisciplinary projects on the junction of physics and math with medicine, chemistry, IT and many more.

In my personal opinion having a degree in Math and Physics nowadays mean being future proof.

嗨,我叫Alex Povar。我2013年毕业于鄂木斯克国立大学,被授予硕士学位,理论数学与物理学的专业。





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