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Russian as a Foreign Language

Ksenia Russu

Загрузка плеера

My name is Ksenia Russu, I am a Candidate of Philology. I received a degree in Russian as a foreign language at Omsk State University in 2014.
Now I work at Yugorsk State University. I teach Russian Language and Culture of Speech, Documentary Linguistics, Rhetoric, and also I help international students to understand the full depth of the “Language of Pushkin and Dostoevsky”

The master’s programme ‘Russian as a Foreign Language’ helped us to master the following skillsets: we gained knowledge about the system and norms of the Russian language, knowledge of Russian culture, values of Russian people; we learned how to teach Russian to international students so that their desire to speak “Great and Powerful” Russian would not weaken.
Namely these skills I use today when I teach Russian to a bilingual student who came to Khanty- Mansiysk fr om Zambia.

Two years of study passed rapidly. It was the time when our professors helped us look at the language that we speak from birth in a completely different perspective.
After the first year of study, we had a pedagogical training at the Russian Center for Language and Culture in Helsinki. Working with foreign students would not have been possible without the experience that our professors shared with us while studying Theory of the Russian Language in the terms of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language and Methods of Teaching Speech Activities.

I wish success to every student who decides to apply for this programme at Omsk State University.
After obtaining your degree, you can teach Russian as a foreign language in Omsk, as well as go to any Russian university, go to any country in the world wh ere bilingual students study, start writing articles on teaching Russian as a foreign language, methods of conducting a comprehensive interview for getting the status of ‘native speaker of the Russian language’.

Good luck future freshmen!

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