Edythe E. Weeks
Омский государственный университет
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В 2015 г. на кафедре ИТМО преподавала профессор университета Вашингтона в Сент-Луисе, специалист в сфере международных отношений доктор Эдит Викс.

Dr. Edythe E. Weeks, Esq.
Areas of Expertise and Bio
International Space Law, International Affairs, Race & Ethnic Relations, Astronautics, Outer Space Development and Equality, Education Enhancement, and STEAM Education and K-12 Policy
Professor Weeks is listed as a Fulbright specialist for International Affairs and International Space Law and has served as Adjunct Faculty at Washington University since 2009, teaching International Politics and The New Space Rush for the Department of Politics Science & University College. Weeks earned a Ph.D. in Politics & International Affairs from Northern Arizona University in 2006. Her dissertation was entitled The Politics of Space Law in a Post-Cold War Era: Understanding Regime Change. She completed an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Juris Doctors in law from the University of Missouri-Columbia. Her book Outer Space Development, International Relations and Space Law: A Method for Elucidating Seeds was published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2012. This work has been recognized on the Librarian’s Choice page of the Peace Palace Library at The Hague 2012-2014, and has been acquired in university libraries in more than 40 countries. Weeks has been published in a wide variety of scholarly journals including Acta Astronautica, Revue de Droit International de Sciences Diplomatiques et Politiques, and the Colloquium Proceedings of the International Institute of Space Law.