Gerasimova V. A.
Омский государственный университет
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Victoria A. Gerasimova

Current academic position
Dostoevsky Omsk State University, Russia: senior researcher, a head of the Laboratory for Studying of Jewish Civilization (from February 2015)

Specialty Cultural Studies; specialization Jewish Civilization, Graduate (cum laude) (2009)
Russian State University for the Humanities, faculty of History of Art
Certificate of joint Russian-American program “Project Judaica” (2009)
Jewish Theological Seminary, New York  

Candidate (PhD) in History  (2013)
Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH)

Hebrew Ulpan, Level “Dalet” (2009)
Rothberg International School, Hebrew University in Jerusalem
Hebrew Ulpan, Level “Hey” (2010)
Rothberg International School, Hebrew University in Jerusalem
English:Speaking/ Reading Fluency, Writing Competence;
Hebrew: Reading Fluency, Speaking/ Writing Competence;
Yiddish: Reading/ Writing Competence
Polish: Reading Competence
Ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Latin: Reading Competence

Peer-reviewed Articles (selected)
1.    Victoria A. Gerasimova Bishop Methodian Campanian and the Practice of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land of the Russian Emigration: (Re)Invented Tradition [Episkop Mefodij Kampanskij i praktika palomnichestva v Svyatuyu Zemlyu iz Russkogo Zarubezh'ya: (pere)izobretenie tradicii], Gosudarstvo, religija, tserkov’ v Rossii i za rubezhom, 2020, no. 4 (38), 294-317.
2.    Victoria A. Gerasimova “Jewish Communities in Western Siberia in 19th-21st Centuries: Sociocultural Image” [“Evrejskie obschiny Zapadnoj Sibiri v XIX-XX vv.: sotsiokulturny oblik”], Nauchny Dialog, no. 6, (2019), 305-20. 
3.    Victoria A. Gerasimova “Is Siberia Tolerant? To the Question of the Attitude to Jews in Western Siberia in Pre-revolutionary Period” [Sibir’ tolerantnaja? K voprosu ob otnoshenii k evrejam v Zapadnoj Sibiri v dorevoljutsionny period], Vestnik Permskogo Universiteta, Series: History, no. 3 (42), (2018), 54-63.  
4.    Victoria A. Gerasimova “Century-Old Prejudice” and “Siberian Mentality” Microhistory of the Mid-Nineteenth Century Case of Insulting the Priest Alexey Orlov by the Jews of Tomsk” [“Vekovoe predubezhdenie” i “sibirskij mentalitet”. Mikroistorija “dela oskorblenija svjaschennika Alekseja Orlova tomskimi evrejami v seredine XIX veka], Gosudarstvo, religija, tserkov’ v Rossii i za rubezhom, 2018, no. 3 (36), 81-101.
5.    Victoria A. Gerasimova “Blood in Jewish-Christian Relationships in the Smolensk Region in the 18th Early 20th Centuries” [Krov’ v iudeo-khristianskikh otnosheniiakh na Smolenshchine v XVIII nachale XX vv.], Etnograficheskoe obozrenie 3 (2018): 8–20.
6.    Victoria A. Gerasimova “Distance acquaintance”. The sources of information about Jews in the 18th century Russian empire (before the partitions of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth)”, Kontakty i konflikty v slavjanskoy i evrejskoj kulturnoj traditsii (Moscow 2017), 139-157.
7.    Victoria A. Gerasimova “Between Judaism and Orthodoxy: towards the Issue of Conversion and Migration of Jews on Russian-Polish frontier in the 18th century”, Voprosy Istorii, no. 9 (2016): 158-169.
8.    Victoria A. Gerasimova “Exemplary soldier of his Fatherland? Jewish Cantonist on Service of the Empire (Following the Memoirs of A.M. Pantofel)”, Asiatskaya Rossiya. Lyudi, struktury, imperiya  Ed. by N. Suvorova (Omsk 2016), 315-325.
9.    Victoria A. Gerasimova “Ex-Jews”. Jewish Conversion to Orthodoxy in the 18th century Russian Empire”, Nacii i etnichnost' v gumanitarnyh naukah (Saint Petersburg: Aleteya 2015), 169-176.  
10.    Victoria A. Gerasimova “Vladimir Kalligraf – converted Jew in the Church hierarchy of the Russian empire”, Russia XXI, no. 2 (2013), 84-97.
11.    Victoria A. Gerasimova “To the History of Jewish-Christian Relations in Russia in the first half of the 18th century”, Russia XXI, no. 1 (2012), 160-79.
12.    Victoria A. Gerasimova “Jewish-Christian conflict in Zverovichy: unknown details of a famous case”, Proceedings of the XIXth annual international conference on Jewish Studies (Moscow 2011), 223-230.
13.    Victoria A. Gerasimova “Owns and Aliens: Converted Jews in Russia in the 18th century”, Vestnik RGGU, no. 15 (58), (2010), 139-46.

Translations from English into Russian:
Stampfer Sh. Families, Rabbis and Education. Traditional Jewish Society in Nineteenth-Century Eastern Europe. Translated by V. Nehotin, V. Gerasimova and others. (Moscow: Gesharim, 2013):
-    The Social Implications of Very Early Marriage. P. 7-34.
-    Love and Family. P. 35-78.
-    Remarriage among Jews and Christians. P. 79-121.
-    Scientific Welfare and Lonely Old People: The Development of Old-Age Homes. P. 122-146.
-    Literacy among Jews in Eastern Europe in the Modern Period. P. 201-229.
-    The Missing Rabbis of Eastern Europe. P. 284-318.

Book reviews:
Eugene Avrutin,  The Velizh Affair. Blood Libel in a Russian Town, Judaic-Slavic Journal, no. 1, 2018, 207-13.

Awards, Grants, Fellowships
•    July 2019 Professor Eugene Weiner Grant for the promotion of research, scientific and teaching activities in the field of Jewish Studies.
•    July 2018-present Russian Scientific Foundation, a member of the collective project “Imaginary Territories of Russian Identity: the Case of Palestine, XIX-XXI centuries”.
•    July 2017-June 2019 Russian Scientific Foundation, project “Jewish communities in Western Siberia within the system of interethnic relations: past and present”.
•    September 2016-September 2018 Yerusha program, Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe #067/16 “Jewish materials in the archives of Tobol’sk and Tomsk”
•    March-December 2015 Yerusha program “Jewish materials in the archives of Omsk, Tobol’sk, Tomsk”, first year: Omsk. Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe, head of the project.
•    2014-2015 Grant for young scholars, Russian State Foundation for the Humanities, project “Jewish Conversion in Russian Empire in the last quarter of the 18th century”.
•    July-August, 2012 Internship at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem “Eshnav”, Center “Sefer” in cooperation with Chais Center for Jewish Studies in Russian.
•    October 2011 Small grant for Research Purposes of the Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe. Archives and Libraries of Kiev, Ukraine.
•    September 2011 – September 2012 Doctoral Fellowship Program «Converted Jews in Russia in the mid.17th-18th centuries: peculiarities of sociocultural adaptation», Rothschild Foundation (Hanadiv) Europe.
•    October 2006 – June 2007 “Sociocultural Image of Jewry in Russia in the first half of the 18th century, based on materials from the Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts”, research grant no. 235, International Center for Studying of East European and Russian Jewry   

Conferences, Colloquia, Workshops (selected)
•    “That Motherland is gone, but there is another one…” Russian emigrants’ pilgrims to the Holy Land in search of identity” 52nd Annual Convention of Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies, online format (November, 2020) 
•    “Desacralization of the Holy Land: Pilgrimage to Palestine/ Israel in the Perception of Soviet Believers”, 51st Annual Convention of Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies, San Francisco, USA (November, 2019) 
•    “From the community to the “group of belivers”: Jewish religious life in Western Siberia in 1920-1930s”, International conference “Israel Studies and Jewish Studies in Siberia: Situation and Development Prospects”, Tomsk, Russia (October 2019, paper accepted)
•    “E.N. Stolyar - Omsk rabbi and “secret employee”: metamorphoses of consciousness of a provincial Jewish leader (1940–1960)”, XXV Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference on Jewish Studies, Moscow, Russia (July 2019)
•    “To be Jewish in Soviet Siberia. The Forms of Jewish National Life in Western Siberia in 1940-80s”, The 50th Annual Association for Jewish Studies Conference, Boston, USA (December 2018)
•    “The experience of “historical interviews” with Siberian Jews: preliminary findings”, conference of Tolerance Center and Jewish Museum “Jewish field: experience and conceptualization”, Moscow, Russia (November 2018) 
•    “Jewish Religious Communities in Western Siberia in the 1940-50s: Survival Strategies and Communication with the Authority”, International conference “The Confessional Policy of the Soviet State 1920-1950”, Velikij Novgorod, Russia (October 2018)
•    “How Jewish were Siberian Jews? Religion, Culture and Everyday Life of Jews in Western Siberia before 1917”, X Congress of European Association of Jewish Studies, Krakow, Poland (July 2018).
•    “The Jewish Community of Omsk under the Soviets, from 1940 to the 1960s: Between Tradition and Survival”, International conference “New Approaches to the History of the Jews under Communism”, Prague, Czech (May 2017).
•    “Blood in Jewish-Christian Relations in Smolensk gubernia in the XVIII- early XX centuries”, XXIV Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference on Jewish Studies, Moscow, Russia (January 2017)
•    “Distant acquaintance”. Sources of information about Jews in the Russian Empire before the partitions of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth”, International conference “Contacts and Conflicts in Jewish and Slavic Popular Traditions”, Moscow, Russia (December 2016)
•    “From Judaism to Orthodoxy and vice versa: Apostasy among Converted Jews in Russia in the 18th century”, XXIII Annual International Interdisciplinary Conference on Jewish Studies, Moscow, Russia (January 2016)
•    “An exemplary soldier of his Homeland”? Jewish Cantonist at the Service of the Empire (based on the memoirs of A.M. Pantofel)”, International Conference “Asian Russia: People and Structures of Empire”, Omsk, Russia (October 2015)
•    “Ex-Jews” Conversion of Jews to Orthodoxy in the Russian Empire of the XVIII century”, International conference “Nations and ethnicity in the Humanities”, Saint Petersburg, Russia (February 2014)
•    “Jews in the Russian Empire: methods and approaches of studying”, Curriculum Development Session, Curriculum Research Centre, Central European University, Budapesht, Hungary (July 2012).    
•    “Jewish Conversion to Orthodoxy in the Russian empire in the XVIII century”, The 5th International Forum for Young Researchers of East European Jewry, organized by Nevzlin Center, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Lviv, Ukraine (July 2011).    
•    “Converted Jews in 18th century Russia: the ways of integration into new sociocultural environment”, Conference of Doctoral Students of Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia (May 2011)     

Digital Humanities
•    A member of a development team of a field research archive “SFIRA” developed by Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization “Sefer” (August 2018 – present) 
•    “Jews in the Russian Empire” (contributor), joint project of educational portal Arzamas and Jewish Museum and Center of Tolerance in Moscow 
•    “Converted Jews in the Russian Empire of the 18th century”, project “Judaica Rossica Online”
•    “Jews in the Russian Periodicals of the 18th centuries”, project “Judaica Rossica Online”
•    “Phantom Community: Jewish Community in the 18th century Russia”, project “Judaica Rossica Online”

Invited Courses, Lectures and Talks
•    “Russian Archives: general overview and search methods”, a seminar taught at Summer on-line school “Jews as Aliens: Symbols and Everyday Life” organized by the Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization “Sefer” (August 2020)   
•    “Fantom Jews: Jewish Presence in the 18th century Russia before the partitions of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth”, a course taught at Moscow school for Jewish Studies organized by the Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization “Sefer”, Planernoe, Moscow region, Russia (July 2019)
•    “Jews in Western Siberia in the System of Interethnic Relations in the Soviet and Post-Soviet Period” a course taught at student workshop “Jews in Siberia: History and Cultural Heritage”, Omsk, Russia (July 2019) 
•    “Jews and Christians in the Russian Empire: Friends, Enemies, Neighbors” a digital course taught by the invitation of the Center for University Teaching of Jewish Civilization “Sefer” (November-December 2017)
•    “Jews of the Russian Empire: Ethnocultural Portrait”, a lecture for teachers of Jewish school, Omsk, Russia (January 2017)
•    “Modern Jewish Culture in Eastern Europe”, a public talk at the Jewish Youth Organization “Hillel”, Moscow, Russia (February 2014)
•    “Forms of a Jewish presence in Russia before the sections of the Commonwealth: phantom community and apostates” and “Polish inheritance”. The Jews of Eastern Europe as new subjects of the Russian empire”, open lectures at International Conference “Siberian Village: History, Current State, Development Prospects", Omsk, Russia (April 2014)
•    “Converted Jews at the Russian court of the 18th century”, public lecture at the Museum of the History of Jews of Russia, Moscow, Russia (November 2013)
•    “Ethno-Confessional Borders in the 18th century Russian Empire: Jews and Christians”, open lecture, Public Speech Project, Omsk, Russia (October 2013)
•    “Owns or strangers? Converted Jews in Russia in the 18th Century” and “Ex-Jews”: Strategies for Adaptation of Baptized Jews in Russia in the 18th Century”, public lectures at the Latvian State University, Riga, Latvia (October 2012)
•    “Jews in Russia in the First Half of the 18th Century: from Exile to ... Exile”, Museum “Jews in Latvia”, Riga, Latvia (October 2012)