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Dostoevsky OmSU has an extensive experience in developing unique tailor-made courses factoring in your specific needs from beginners to Business Russian, so whether you are starting from scratch or want to take your Russian skills to the next level, we are happy to help you in your Russian language journey


  We offer


 Group classes with a certified Russian teacher 
Classes available from Monday until Friday
Different, useful class topics 
Small class size: 6-8 students on average 
October 4, 2021 - June 30, 2022

 Intensive (5 times a week)  3 times a week  2 times a week
 1 month - 200 euros (Only for A2-C2 level)  1 month - 130 euros (Only for A2-C2 level)  1 month - 90 euros (Only for A2-C2 level)
 1 semester (4 months) - 650 euros
 1 semester (4 months) - 520 euros  1 semester (4 months) - 360 euros
 1 academic year (9 months) - 1300 euros  1 academic year (9 months) - 1170 euros  1 academic year (9 months) - 810 euros

We build the course around you!

Learn a balance of language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing, grammar) at an appropriate level from beginner to advanced and communicate effectively in real life settings the way locals do in everyday life
Learn a number of words and expressions for negotiating with your Russian-speaking partners, sending business e-mails, comprehending the contracts you sign Customized specialization course taking into account your business specifics and functional roles

Meet our Russian teachers

Russian language classes are taught by experienced language teaching professionals (certified teachers of Russian as a Foreign Language) and follow a communicative approach to language teaching

                          Konstantin Shestakov                   Ekaterina Ekimova  


Marina Kharlamova 



       Certified results for you

After completion of the online course you will receive end-of-course certificate issued by Dostoevsky Omsk State University, from level A1 to C2 that will allow you to prove your language skills to universities or employers around the world

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 Find out your level with our FREE Russian language test!

The following multiple-choice test was developed with the aim of determining your approximate level of Russian.

The test consists of composition and 150 questions in a progressive order from beginner level (A1) to lower advanced (B2+). The test embraces both grammatical and lexical aspects for each level.

Please try to answer all 150 questions without the help of a grammar book or dictionary and lim it yourself to 30 minutes. Don’t forget: the easy questions come first.

In order to begin, please fill in your name and email (results will be emailed to you).

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