International Foundation Programme
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Dostoevsky Omsk State University

International Foundation Programme

Dostoevsky Omsk State University welcomes international students to our International Foundation Programme!

The International Foundation Programme (IFM) is specifically designed for international students who need additional study before starting a degree programme at OmSU or another educational institution in Russia. We take special care to provide international students with the set of academic study skills that are required of Russian students but may not be taught in other countries, so that the transition to a different education system is as easy as possible for the student.

IFM provides:

- Intensive Russian language training

- Academic study to prepare you for degree level study (programmes in Economics, Science and Humanities)

- Cultural adjustment so that students’ academic pursuits could be both enjoyable and productive.

Additional Russian Language Training 
(for those who do not plan to study at Russian university)

OmSU provides intensive programs in Russian as a second language to members of the global community for their academic, professional and personal development.

Tuition Fee

The cost fon one-year course on the International Foundation Programme at OmSU is 70 000 rubles (approx. 1000 US dollars)


OmSU provide housing for international students in the University’s Residence Hall. Housing fees are NOT included in tuition fee. It costs 700 rubles per month in a shared room, and 5000 rubles per month in a single room.


Classes begin in October. Classes are held in small groups of 6-10 students 5-6 days a week. Period of study is 1 year (2 semesters).There are end of programme assessments, which are examinations in Russian language and in main academic subjects. Upon successful completion (passing) of the examinations students will get the OmSU Certificate proven their sufficient knowledge to enroll any Russian higher educational institution.

For more detailed information regarding the programme and the application process, please contact our International Projects Department at or +7-3812-224010 or +7-3812-984769.
During your education you will participate in various sport and cultural events such as figure skating, national and international holidays, fairs and festivals!
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