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Internationalization strategy

International engagement is a key academic strategy to improving the quality of teaching, learning, and research at Dostoevsky Omsk State University (OmSU), in turn enhancing the university's overall reputation and further improving its worldwide standing.

According to "Dostoevsky Omsk State University Development Programme for 2015-2020" (in Russian), today, one of the main priorities of OmSU is developing and widening international cooperation aimed at the internationalization of the university.

The goal can be achieved through the engagement of the international dimension in all university activities; modernization of practices for the training of highly qualified specialists with particular regard to the relevance for the labor market; focus on the achievements of world science and international experience by expanding the scope and geography of academic mobility; through university participation in the international educational programmes.

International Relations Office of OmSU is responsible for promoting OmSU international relations; strengthening international education and research collaboration between OmSU and foreign universities; facilitating international opportunities for students and staff; recruiting and providing support to international students and staff during their mobility period at OmSU; assisting OmSU staff in developing international projects.