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Summer School of Siberian Culture Studies (1-16 August, 2019) supported by DAAD*

Our Summer school has been included into the list of Summer schools supported by the German academic exchange service DAAD! 8 students (who study at German institutes) can get financial support from DAAD.


Sommerschule für Sibirische Kulturstudien (vom 1. bis 16. August) unterstützt von DAAD*

Unsere Sommerschule wurde in die Liste der Sommerschulen aufgenommen, die vom DAAD unterstützt werden! 8 Studenten können finanzielle Unterstützung vom DAAD erhalten.



The Summer School of Siberian Culture Studies is a 2-week unique culture and language program featuring education, sports, fun activities and excursions, specially tailored for students whose native language is not Russian. 

The course contains two components (cultural and linguistic) and covers a balance of language skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing), grammar at an appropriate level from beginner to advanced and includes 144 academic hours of tuition and cultural activity. Classes take place in the mornings and afternoons. 

Omsk is located in the heart of Siberia with the beautiful countryside nearby, and the program offers not only an opportunity to master the Russian language but also to learn a great deal about Russian history and unique culture of southwestern Siberia with the focus on the Omsk Region, explore the wonders of beautiful Siberian nature.  


Russian Language classes are taught by experienced language teaching professionals (certified teachers of Russian as a Foreign Language) and follow a communicative approach to language teaching.  Classes are held in international small groups based on the Russian language competences. These classes follow a syllabus that is based on language level of the group. 

The best way to learn Russian is to live it. Our school allows participants to do just that by getting a deep-dive into the Russian culture they’re exploring as well as by learning Russian language in a fun, efficient way. Teachers support participants and arrange extra-curricular activities, they always prepare them for the excursions and weekend trips by teaching new vocabulary to them that they would need to use/understand in real-life settings.  

Upon successful completion of the program students will be awarded the Russian Language School Certificate (4 ECTS).                                                      


During the program students will attend lectures of cultural and academic interest. These lectures are conducted in English and Russian so that different language level students can understand the information. Russian culture lessons are both educational and fun, helping to apply and improve students' language abilities while introducing them to different aspects of Siberian life. 

A study of culture is one of the best ways of learning to understand “the soul” of the Russian people. Participants have a wonderful chance to comprehend this complicated phenomenon of Siberian culture that includes norms, values, beliefs of the locals.  


Every day Summer school participants are exposed to new things about Omsk and its people. They will be constantly learning and exploring new things through doing activities, visiting museums and taking trips on weekends to places of historical interest or to towns and villages with cultural background. Our city is celebrating its 303rd anniversary in August, so there will be a lot of fascinating activities, concerts, parades and fireworks devoted to the celebration of this momentous occasion in which Summer school participants will take an active part.  

We are now accepting applications for 2019! 

   Course dates:


30 July - 31 July

Placement test and Opening Ceremony

1 August

Course Start

2 August

Course End

16 August


17-18 August

Deadline for applications: June 1, 2019

(EU citizens can apply until July 1, 2019)

(for DAAD scholarships - June 1, 2019)

Required Application Documents:

- Application form
- Copy of the information page in the International Passport

Required Application Documents for financial support from DAAD (students who study at German institutes):

- Application form

- Copy of the information page in the International Passport

- CV

- Motivation letter

- Copy of the education document

Send application documents at  or   

Course Fees: 30 000 RUB (approx. 420 €/475 USD).

Fees include*:

·         Initial Grading test on arrival

·         144 hours Russian Language and Culture training, 


·         Course materials

·         Certificate by course completion

·         Residential accommodation

·         Daytime program of sports, activities and excursions*

·         Evening activities

·         Full-day weekend trips to historical places out of Omsk town (accompanying)*

·         Airport arrival and departure transfers

*Please Note: meals and excursion entrance fees are not included. The amount of money needed to cover meal expenses: approx. 8-10 € per day. Excursion entrance fees: approx. 2-10 €. Full day tours fees: approx. 14-23 €

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jean-Armand Figeac (France), he has participated in our summer and winter schools 4 times -

For more details regarding participation in Summer School of Siberian Studies please contact:

   Olga Zyryanova 


International Manager

Dostoevsky Omsk State University

International Relations Office

644077, Omsk, Russian Federation

Prospekt Mira, 55/2, office 221, 224

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