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Our Omsk Summer School has an amazing social and cultural program to make participants' stay here unforgettable and is designed to enable them to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real life situations. Russian language summer school has a very extensive, detailed timetable. Each day there are different options (different events) that participants might attend. They will be supervised by organizers and Dostoevsky OmSU volunteers will also spend three weeks with international students accompanying them to events, which is a great opportunity for them to make lifelong friends and enjoy memories that will last a lifetime.


During the Summer course, participants will have a unique opportunity to visit a great number of events and do various activities which will give them a great opportunity to practice their Russian language in real-life settings.

#  Social and cultural activity     Description  
1. Downtown Omsk Walking tour and the Irtysh river cruise  Participants will discover in the city of Omsk numerous historical and architectural tourist attractions. Language of excursion - Russian and English.  
2.  Dostoevsky State Museum of Literature and Omsk Fortress Participants will find out more about a famous Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky and his time in Omsk. In 1983 Dostoevsky Literary Museum was opened in this building. Its exposition features a history of the creation and development of literary traditions in Western Siberia since the 18th century. It is devoted to the life and works of Fyodor Dostoevsky.  
3.     Historical and Cultural Complex “Starina Sibirskaya” (Olden times of Siberia) This complex is located in Bolsherechye settlement 200 km. Fr om Omsk. In these objects there are museum expositions that characterize the traditional life of the Siberian village, interactive workshops and folklore groups.  
4.    Historical Park Russia - My History. Omsk The only Multimedia Art Museum in Russia that represents the entire history of our country fr om ancient times up to the present day.  
5.    The natural park “Bird Harbor” Participants will learn about the Omsk environment and birds’ migration in our region, explore the park and also get acquainted with some of the complex issues involved in ecological system of Omsk, develop a greater understanding of the environment.  
6.    Omsk regional M.A. Vrubel museum of fine arts Omsk regional M.A. Vrubel museum of fine arts was established in 1924. Its collection contains over 25,000 items, the most part of which is of global importance.  
  7. Siberian Cultural Center “Terem” Participants will learn more about traditional Russian shawls and scarves, as well as the story behind them.  
8.    Achairsky Convent Achair convent is only an hour-long drive from Omsk, there is a sacred spring of mineral salty water that is considered holy, healing and miraculous on the territory of the convent.   
9.     Omsk Museum of Kondraty Belov House-Museum of Kondraty Belov is located in one of the most beautiful buildings of wooden architecture of the early 20th century. The excursion will be concluded with some tea-drinking with Siberian pies.  
10.   Oil refinery  One of the most modern refineries in Russia and one of the largest in the world. The installed capacity of the plant is 20.89 million tons of oil per year.  
11.   The Dragon Boats  Participants will paddle on a dragon boat along the Irtysh river.  
 12. Summer festival “SVOE LETO” at Svoe mesto The festival provides the young people with a chance to have fun, sing and dance together.  
13.  Omsk State Puppet, Actor and Mask Theater “Arlekin” Omsk State Puppet Theatre, Actor, Mask “Arlekin” – one of the oldest children's theaters in Russia, leading its history in April 1936.  
14.  30 Years VLKSM Park of Culture and Recreation The park offers a safe and fun environment for everyone to experience, you will enjoy various rides and attractions as well as excellent food and drinks!

 15. Trip to Salt Lake Ebejty  Water salinity in Salt Lake Ebejty can compare to the Dead Sea's water salinity, huge reserves of marine salt and therapeutic mud, incredible semi-desert landscape, rare plants and so on.   
 16. The Museum Complex of Military Glory of Omsk The museum is situated in memorial building. The staff of 178th rifle division was situated in this building during the war. There are many exhibits in the museum that tell about courage of inhabitants of Omsk.  
 17. Aquario Indoor Waterpark The main attractions of the Aquario Waterpark are the facility's waterslides, rolling crests of water in the wave pool, a larger family pool straddles a spa of soothing, bubbles and the looping slides along one side of the park that swoop from high overhead into pools of splashing water below. On the first floor there’s a spa complex.   
 18. Azovsky German National District You will visit the German village wh ere the center for protection of German language and culture is located. There will be traditional dances and songs, and different cultural activities.  
19.  The immersive exhibition From Malevich to Chagall The exhibition will introduce you to the Russian avant-garde, it will open for you special facets of the perception of art, give you a new look at familiar things, and reflect the ideas of artists. The combination of painting and multimedia, 3D-mapping, animation, interactivity, the Omsk Art Museum will turn into a high-tech space, a world wh ere animated works of Russian avant-garde prevail.