Direction of the journal across the branches of science and the review process
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Direction of the journal across the branches of science and the review process

Directions magazine industry Sciences
Herald of Omsk University. Series "Historical Studies" publishes original scientific papers, containing the presentation of significant scientific results.
Accepted for publication previously unpublished documents and sources, as well as reports on conferences, anniversaries, reviews, congratulations.
Scientific journal areas that are subject to peer review of manuscripts institute peer review journal:
History 07.00.00, 23.00.02 political institutions, processes and technologies
Articles are published free of charge.

The review process
Processes direction manuscript and peer review consists of the following.
1. The author sends the manuscript to the journal, pointing to " Herald of Omsk University. Series" Historical Studies" for which it is intended.
2. Chief Editor defines the editor section, which passed the manuscript to assess its relevance and possible publication in the journal
3. Section Editor defines the editor responsible for this manuscript.
4. Responsible for the manuscript editor selects referees for review and preparation of the manuscript evaluation reports and contacts with the author on all issues.
5. Reviewers criticize the manuscript and make its evaluation reports.
6. The editor will make a recommendation on the publication of the manuscript, coordinating their decision to the editor section.

7. The chief editor makes the final decision about the manuscript and publication according to its author.